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How can I improve my company’s ranking on GoodFirms?

If you wish to get your company ranked higher on GoodFirms, here are a few steps: 

  • Complete your profile set-up by adding all necessary details.
  • Apply to become a featured partner from our Build Your Profile page, or reach out to [email protected] with a request to become a featured partner.
  • Collect category-focused client reviews for your selected service focus categories pages. 
  • Try to get a steady number of reviews added to your profile monthly to ensure review relevancy. You can use our ‘review request’ service to directly capture user reviews from your vendor backend. 
  • Explore the marketing opportunities we provide to boost your brand’s visibility further. These do not directly impact your rankings but can significantly help increase your brand’s visibility outside GoodFirms. 

Consider becoming a sponsor to improve your rankings further. You can read more about sponsorships below within our dedicated sponsorship FAQ section. Make sure you meet our sponsorship eligibility criteria before applying, and feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for sponsorship related queries.

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