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Does the company’s geographical location impact its ranking on GoodFirms?

Yes, here’s how:

There are two types of locations that a company can enable on its profile: one primary location and multiple secondary locations. 

A primary location is typically where your headquarter is located. Your company will only be raking within directory pages targeting your primary location. 

Companies with multiple branches and offices have the option to select multiple locations for their business, which will be displayed on their profile. These are secondary locations, and your company won’t be ranking in directories targeting these locations.

For instance, if you are a web development firm based in Los Angeles with an additional development wing in London, your primary location will be Los Angeles, and your secondary location will be London. Your company will be ranked on pages such as ‘Web development companies in Los Angeles,’ ‘Web Development companies in California,’ and ‘Web Development companies in the USA.’ But not for our ‘Web Development Companies in London’ or ‘Web Development Companies in the UK’ pages. Your exact rank within a directory page depends on your GoodFirms Score. 

The key takeaway here is that companies are only eligible to rank for pages that target their primary locations. Adding extra locations to your profile will not get you ranked within multiple locations. You can consider getting a sponsorship to further boost your rankings across multiple location pages.

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