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What is a featured partner?

To be eligible for our Featured Partner program, companies need to have at least one review and at least one project added to their GoodFirms portfolio. Ensuring you have an up-to-date profile with accurate and easy-to-verify information is always a plus.

We have 100,000+ companies registered on our platform, and our featured partner program is a way to identify and reward the best partners within a category or niche. 

Think of getting featured as unlocking an essential upgrade to your profile. When you apply to become a featured partner, our team verifies your profile and assigns you a category (based on your experience and portfolio) in which you are to be featured. Your profile will now rank significantly higher (above non-featured and free plan holders, second only to sponsors) within your featured category.  

Getting featured also unlocks exciting opportunities like making you eligible for our success stories programs and our essential GoodFirms badges and GoodBoxes.

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