What are the benefits of getting a GoodFirms sponsorship?

The most direct and evident benefit of getting a sponsorship is higher rankings across relevant categories and industry directory pages. Sponsors are placed above featured partners and non-sponsors across all relevant pages. However, sponsors do not get a special ranking within our research-based rankings like our Leader’s Matrix. 

Companies that rank higher across directories enjoy significantly more traffic and leads directed to their websites. Buying a sponsorship is the fastest and most effective way to improve your company’s visibility on GoodFirms.
Sponsorship also makes you eligible for all marketing opportunities and allows the insertion of a UTM link for better tracking and analytics. To know more about the benefits of getting a GoodFirms Sponsorship or in case of any Sponsorship-related queries, reach out to us at [email protected].

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What are the different tiers of Sponsorship available at GoodFirms?

We currently offer two paid plans for sponsorships on GoodFirms: Start-up Plan and Sponsored Plan.

Both of these plans offer:

  • Priority listing (above featured partners and non-sponsors) across relevant directories.
  • Eligibility for participation in all Marketing opportunities offered by GoodFirms.
  • UTM link insertion.
  • Eligibility for promoting separate landing pages.
  • And more.

The main difference between the two plans is the number of directories a sponsored company can rank high for.

The Start-up plan secures you the top ranks for a single major category page and a few sub-categories pages. However, in order to rank for multiple major categories, companies need to opt for our Sponsored plan. 

The available rank and sub-categories for any category page for either of the two sponsorship plans are subject to change depending on the traffic and competition targeting these pages. To discuss the specific pricing and pages available within your categories, reach out to us at [email protected]
To find out more about our different sponsorship plans, visit our Pricing page.

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